What is Croptober?

Croptober marks the end of the outdoor harvest season for the millions of pounds of flower that have ripened over the summer. This floods the market with a huge supply of cannabis and many members can expect to find lower prices on outdoor flower through the Spring.

On the other side of the industry, Croptober is one of the busiest (if not the busiest) times for farmers, growers, laborers, and trimmers. Every year this rush creates a huge demand for jobs and has become a great opportunity for those looking to get their foot in the door.

Celebrate this wonderful season with 4 of our favorite sungrown strains and learn a little bit about the farms that grow them. Additionally, the end of this blog will briefly touch on indoor flower  and how it differs from its outdoor counterpart. Finally, our featured indoor strain is the designer Dosilato by the esteemed, Connected Cannabis.

Sunrise Mountain

Sunrise Mountain takes an artisanally medicinal approach to cannabis by cultivating each plant with sustainability and respect in mind. They utilize indigenous microorganisms to enrich their soil and their self-made nutrient recipes enhance the natural properties of each strain. They also grow a plethora of herbs, fruits and vegetables on their land to help maintain the rich balance of the soil and to feed their families.

Organically grown in the misty and sun-kissed mountains of Northeast Humboldt County, Sour Patch is a sweet and sour hybrid loaded with euphoric, uplifting energy followed by calming relaxation.

This succulent Candyland x Sour Diesel cross is a breathtaking beauty with its summery green buds and tantalizing swirls of sunny orange-yellow. The aroma is incredibly pungent with notes of fuel and sugary earth and is a popular choice for a midday smoke. For those suffering from anxiety, stress or depression, Sour Patch will provide an excellent motivational high and a light body buzz to keep you calm throughout the day.


One the newest and hottest additions to our menu, Perennial has been gaining popularity for sky high THC percentages at incredibly low prices. Not much is known about these newcomers except that they produce tremendously potent outdoor flower and prefer to cultivate exotic strains rather than traditional ones. Aside from flower they also provide a variety of quality hemp-based topicals, from balms to bath soaks.

If you haven’t already tried CBD flower, we ‘highly’ recommend Perennial’s Scarlet’s Web, a pleasantly piney strain wrapped in layers of sage and citrus. Because of the low THC content, this CBD-heavy strain produces little psychoactive effects, meaning it won’t really make you feel high. This is a great choice for those who want to recover discreetly or for anxiety sufferers whose symptoms are easily triggered by THC.

CBD FUN FACT: If you ever get too high you, adding a little CBD post-smoke session will actually bring you down and decrease the high. It can also help regulate your tolerance levels if used regularly so we always recommend keeping some around just in case!

Humboldt Farms

From practicing eco-conscious cultivation techniques to contributing to local organizations like Redwood Empire Food Bank, Humboldt Farms is truly the spirit of their motto to “choose kindly” when it comes to cannabis. Their gorgeous sungrown flower is raised and ripened in picturesque Humboldt County where they grow spectacular strains like Sour Lemon Kush and Trinity Star. However, they also have a great respect for traditional strains like Blue Dream, Jack Herer, Purple Punch and Wedding cake and have nearly perfected their Premium flower line by maximizing each strain’s potency and flavor.

Always 100% sustainably sourced and lab tested, Humboldt Farms’s mindful approach to cannabis means that you’ll really enjoy their take on one of the most legendary West Coast strains, Blue Dream.

A sativa-dominant hybrid born of Blueberry and the classic Haze strain, Blue Dream is a beautiful balance between a full-body buzz and motivating cerebral high. This stoner staple brings to mind the aroma and flavor of fresh picked blueberries accompanied by traces of citrus, sandalwood, and grapey tones. It is a hard-hitting strain that acts as a fantastic energy and mood booster and can be helpful for those suffering from depression, nausea or pain.

Flow Kana

Leaders of sungrown sustainable cannabis, Flow Kana prides themselves on being the only grower that directly partners with multi-generational farmers who exclusively use organic cultivation methods. Always pesticide free, their Gold Series features high THC, hand-trimmed buds carefully packaged in a UV-protected jar. They also offer a plethora of pre-rolls, always filled with flower and never with shake or trim.

One of their most popular strains is their elegant and bright Mimosa, an irresistibly smooth sativa that is just as tangy and delicious as its namesake. A beloved cross between Clementine and Purple Punch, this strain provides a powerful euphoric onset that evolves into a clear-headed and upbeat high. Recommended for joint pain, depression and appetite loss, this tropical-citrus fusion helps promote focus, laughter and even happiness. However, keep in mind that indulging too much can induce indica-like effects due to its Purple Punch parentage.

Connected Cannabis

Unlike sungrown cannabis that has a traditional harvest season like any other crop, plants that are grown indoors can be cultivated year round with the help of artificial light and controlled atmospheric temperatures. Growers provide increased CO2 levels which help expedite the breeding process and increase overall growth, thus resulting in a more potent and flavorful strains. Finally, because indoor plants are shielded from the elements and are less accessible to pests, the final bud structure is often more aesthetically pleasing and more dense than sungrown cannabis.

Perhaps none does it better than Connected Cannabis, an award winning brand renowned for their high-end, designer strains that are as potent as they are beautiful. Their flower is popping with color and crystals and their refined terpene profiles lend to some of the most bold and complex aromas and flavors on the market.In their latest drop Connected Cannabis fuses Dosidos x Gelato to create Dosilato, a pungent and commanding strain that has an unforgettable aroma and a flavor that’s reminiscent of spiced earth and sweet flowers.

Testing at a solid 27% THC, this super stoney indica hybrid produces strong sedative effects followed by a tingling body high and a pleasant cerebral euphoria. The buds are expertly trimmed, incredibly dense and super frosty so if you find yourself wanting to splurge, look no further than Connected’s one-of-a-kind Dosilato.