Welcome to The 6th Annual Sacramento Taco Festival! This is the first time the event was held at the Wonder Bread Building . The Taco Festival has been called the “First Party of the Summer” with around 10,000 attendees ready to kick off the summer with some tacos!

Meet Guillermina “Mina” Perez!

Mina is the Founding President and CEO of the Vida de Oro Foundation. The Foundations consist of artist’s, performers and writers that share a common goal, in to help individuals achieve their dreams within the arts. Through her struggle as a child being stricken with Polio, Mina found her outlet in art. Being determined to succeed within her creative and artistic sides she found success. In 2007, she established an Arts Business called “Mina’s Treasures,” which in turn established the Vida de Oro Folk Art Festival. The Folk Art festival evolved into the Sacramento Taco Festival, which has become the Foundation’s largest fundraising activity!

Thousands of taco lovers have come to expect kicking off their summer, with this fun and exciting Street Festival. This years events includes a Taco Eating Contest provided by the over 50 local vendors that are involved. There is Live Music, THE Original Chihuahua Beauty Contest in Northern California as well as some live entertainment with Lucha Libre (Pro Wrestling) and an amazing Car Show just to name a few.          

The Vida Oro Foundations mission is to help promote the arts in an educational experience in order to create economic growth within the community. By having an active involvement from the neighborhood, it in turn creates community pride in ones culture and with the public’s engagement, within that community. Through open public events and activities, The Vida Oro Foundation works closely with our District 2 Councilmen, Allen Warren in attempting to highlight locals businesses and their passions for the Arts, Food and Cultures.

We live for our community and love supporting those in it. By supporting amazing causes, like the Vida Oro Foundation who invest back into the community, is just another example that we still can make a difference one step at a time or in this case one Taco at a time.