Wyld is available for delivery from your favorite Sacramento dispensary. Wyld’s mouthwatering gummies are crafted with real fruit and natural flavors for an authentic, true-to-fruit taste.

To create their world-class flavors, sensations, and experiences, Wyld candies combine cannabis extracts with unique botanical and fruit terpenes.  A team of culinary scientists designs and improves Wyld products on a regular basis to develop their industry-leading cannabis edibles. The strict manufacturing standards and quality controls ensure that every batch of Wyld gummies produced has a consistent dosage and flavor.

Gummies with THC

These Wyld gummies contain THC, the psychoactive component of cannabis, which is responsible for creating the “high” experienced when consuming cannabis products. With their rich flavor profile, Wyld helps with that “cannabis” flavor that some people may dislike.

Gummies with CBD

Some Wyld products also incorporate “minor cannabinoids”. Minor cannabinoids consumed in combination with THC may produce synergistic effects which consumers can select for their preferred experience. Wyld is proud to offer a broad range of products incorporating both THC and minor cannabinoids to offer our consumers an array of high-quality experiences which they can select to match their unique goals for cannabis consumption.

Wyld is available for purchase at the Sacramento dispensary of Humble Root. Your Wyld order will be delivered right to your door with Humble Root. Unfortunately, because our products include cannabis-derived THC and CBD, we are unable to transport them owing to federal regulations.