Looking for your order? Use the Track My Order page to get up-to-the-minute updates on your order and its delivery.

What to expect with your delivery

Delivery can take 1 to 4 hours

Once our courier departs the warehouse, your delivery can take an estimated 1 to 4 hours to arrive.

You will receive a text once your courier departs

This text will inform you when the courier will be traveling to your location through a real-time tracking link.

Deliveries can only be on your private property

Your courier cannot meet you on the sidewalk, at a street corner, or in a public park. Delivery to campus or student housing is not allowed. 

You must be present to accept the delivery

The person who placed the order must be the person who receives the order. We cannot drop your delivery off and we are unable to deliver to your friend, husband, wife, or neighbor.

Your physical government ID is required for delivery

This can be your driver’s license or a passport as long as it is current, valid, and you physically have it with you at the time of delivery. We cannot accept expired IDs, emails, and photos/screenshots of your government ID.

We don't knock after 8 pm

We have a no-knock policy after 8 PM. Please keep your phone handy as your courier may call or text you to complete your transaction. The courier can wait up to 5 minutes after intially notifying you of the delivery before they depart on their next destination.

Let us help with returns or other discrepancies

Any returns or discrepancies will be sent out on the next business day. Please reach out to us by using our return form or by contacting us.

Pre-order up to 14 days away

Orders can be scheduled up to 14 days in the future.

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